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Mary Claire Herman

Born in Hammond, Indiana, Mary Claire left home at 18, college bound for the University of Albuquerque, New Mexico where she studied art with Arthur Sussman and Ou Mie Shu. “My mother always knew that I wanted to major in art and she convinced me to get teacher certified and pursue my dream.” Subsequently she was certified in Art-K-12, Early Childhood, (Masters in Early Childhood from Stephen F. Austin University and ESL (English as a Second Language). She received her BA and Mrs. When she fell for a good looking airline pilot, Steve Herman. They traveled extensively, living on Guam for a year before settling in Houston.

“My travels and my painting melded into one experience….whether 5 miles or 5,000 miles away from home I find inspiration while constantly making new discoveries.”

Her career, teaching Kindergarten students, spanned 28 years. She taught 21 years at the Oaks Elementary in Humble, Texas. Through a grant from the Humble Education Foundation, the school owns three of her original Texas paintings. This grant also provided funding for after school art classes which she developed and enjoyed teaching. Since retiring, she (and sometimes her husband) picks up her paint box and finds beauty here and abroad at the drop of a hat...she’s off!

Settled in Texas for half of her life, Mary Claire wants to “give back to the community” in the form of a perpetual calendar to be used for various fundraisers.

12 Solo Art Shows, Houston, Texas and numerous Group Shows
Future Solo Art Show, Clovis, New Mexico
Artwork in Collections in 3 Continents
Member of the Texas Pastel Society and International Pastel Society
Member of Delta Kappa Gamma, Mu Pi Chapter, Honorary Teacher Society
Member of Humble Area Retired Teacher Association and Texas Retirement Association
Currently volunteering at the YMCA

Art Collectors

The L’Alliance Francais’, Houston, Texas
Guam Art Bank Guam, Marinas Islands
Sir David and Lady Patricia Berriman, Kent, England
Arthur and Judy Sussman, Albuquerque, New Mexico
John and Magalie Eliasson, Antwerp, Belguim
Soizick LeGuyader, Nantes, France
Edwardo and Joan Gil, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Patty and Tim Crotty, Cincinnati, Ohio
Edward and Amy Crotty, Cincinnati, Ohio
Ellen and John Rose, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Fr. William Niblick, Dyer, Indiana
Marianne and Jerry Kundich, Dyer, Indiana
Jane and Neill Slattery, Ocean, New Jersey
Karen Mitchell, Clayton, New Jersey
Charli Nicholson, Leesburg, Virginia
Cathey and Jim Norman, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ted and Paula Herman, St. Charles, Missouri
Anna Kate Herman, St. Louis, Missouri
Amanda and Brad Pollack, St. Louis, Missouri
Carolyn Lindsay and Walter Jones, Cuervo, New Mexico
Rachel McLeod, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Joan and Charles Koonce, Brownsville, Texas
Bonnie Hassay, Corning, California
Marjorie and Bob Reed, Albuquerque
Debbie Davis, Maui, Hawaii
Mertz Mayer, Torrence, California
Linda Tankersley, Safety Harbor, Florida
Lt. and Mrs. John Paul Kish, Baltimore, Maryland
Capt. James and Capt. Sarah Dingivan
Sharon and Larry Jacobs, St. Georges, Bermuda
Helen and Jim Thomas, Rogers, Arkansas
James and Beth Norman, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Bill and Naveen Davis, NYC, New York


Texas Art Collectors

Madame Rolande LeGuillion
Madame Monique Kirkpatrick
Joan Patrick
Dr. Theresa L. Robinson
Charles Carper   
Dr. And Mrs. Robert Cassity
Sue and Frank Connally   
Dr. Jean Paul Laskin   
Joanne and Bill McFarland
Maureen Foley
Sue and Earl Armstrong
Ginger and Mike Viator
Betty and Steve Spoon
Glenna and Jerry Bagley
Jennifer Vandenbrook
Edward and Jane Dingivan
Roger and Debbie Burch
Tanya Luthe
Mary And Joseph Coll   
Dr. Jane and Edward Nelson
Ron and Ceci Mulvihill   
Ursula Den Herder
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Bart Brown
Denise Jones
Prudence and Ron Ruckman, Ruckman Haus
Kim and Steve Murphy, Amish Craftsman Furniture
Julia and Robert Kerr
Liz and Chuck Sledge
Sandra and Ron Longhofer
Gina Luissa, Meli Melo Inc.
Sylvia and Robert Hale
Ann and Ron Sparkman
Louisa and Roger Trana
Nancy and Steve Rogers
Lori Conneally
Ken Van Nostrand
Don and Madeleine Wilson
Melody Connally
Jim Mcray divino Restaurant
Vicki and Rick Harrison
Shelby McPherson
Maureen and Bob Humes
Clarice Marshall
Robin and Rob Pelletier
Babette Heffron
Janet and Edward Cordova
Jean Louis Cavellara
Paula and Keith Evans
Paul and Martha Von Burg
Bill Stigall
Laurie and Frank Smesney
Elaine and Phil Green

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