Mary Claire Art Art of My Travels

Souvenirs of My Travels

My art is a reflection of my travels. I want you to feel and experience, if only for a moment, that you are with me in my travels through my art. I do this every time I glance at my paintings…a sense that I am there. Through a glass of wine, a bouquet of sunflowers, eating Greek olives and wearing a striped fisherman’s shirt helps! And as soon as the shirt wears out, I get a new one! Come celebrate my art as travel!

I am ever a student of art, collecting impressions. Pastels with watercolor under paintings is my preferred artist medium,(no worry of turpentine or color mixing…there is an immediacy that is conveyed with pastels…no waiting to dry to add the next layer of interest).

As long as I can remember, I was drawn to the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists: Monet and Van Gogh specifically. I am a keen reader of their biographies and exploring the places where these artists lived and died. In college, I had two professors Arthur Sussman and Ou Mie Shu who taught me basics of art, philosophy of life and their view of the world. Albert Handell introduced me to watercolor under painting and using Wallis paper as a support for my paintings. Anita West, for her sense of organization. Lorenzo Chavez shared further in my studies on how to sense the movement of atmosphere and sky. And finally, Carolyn Lindsey for walking all those “art miles” with me!

I begin each piece when I am actually there. In my mind’s eye I see the potential of a future painting. I might do a watercolor sketch or field study. I take a multitude of photographs from all angles, close-ups and distance. I call this “photo sketching”.

In most paintings there is a touch of mankind: it might be a fence, boat or doorway. From nature, I glimpse reflections, shadow and sunlight. Often I paint trees, flowers, plants and farm animals. I like to paint architecture in various evolution of age, depicting what time has done to the structures. I am a sort of “Architectural Portrait Painter”.

My art should pique your curiosity of the sights, smells and sounds of the countryside, village or garden, azure sky, undulating fields of lavender, prickly cacti, afternoon heat or the shade of an umbrella. I paint the whiteness of Greek stucco or the gentleness of swaying crimson poppies.

I invite you to come with me and enjoy my art journeys.
Mary Claire Herman
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